The “Ermeidis” coffee factory is located at Lakkoma
of Chalkidiki in a plot of 7.000 sq.m.

Founded in 1996, under strict German standards, its roofed buildings cover an area of 2000 sq.m. The factory houses modern equipment that in combination with the long-year experience of the Ermeidis family, guarantees the highest quality coffee produced.

Stages of production
The strict selection of raw materials is a priority of utmost importance. Special coffee varieties are selected from various countries such as Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia, Mexico, India etc. Then, the green coffee beans are received and stored in appropriate areas of the factory. They get cleaned via visual and sensory control and get mixed creating special blends. Next step is the baking (roasting) of blends and then the grinding which reveals the final product. Last stage is the packaging of different kinds of coffee and their shipment to stores.

The above process is done by using modern machines but also with the personal care of Ermeidis family who ensure the coffee produced to reach the hands of consumers by keeping intact all its quality features.