The main activity of “P. Ermeidis & Son Ltd” is the processing and distribution of coffee in the Greek market and abroad.

The coffee is processed in the company's factory in Lakkoma Chalkidiki, where, via certified sorting process, the coffee is packed and shipped to stores. The company creates and packages products for direct consuming (retail outlets, supermarkets, etc.) but also covers the needs of Horeca professionals by suppling both coffee and accompanying products. For more information about the Horeca products click here.

The retail business of the company is expressed through the traditional coffee store in the center of Thessaloniki, where consumers can buy in bulk special blends of coffee in airtight packages but also find products associated with coffee such as accessories, accompanying cakes, etc. For more information about products of the coffee store click here.

The “Ermeidis” products are available at points of purchase of well known super markets in special airtight packages that keep intact the quality of coffee before the final consumption. During its long course, the company has collaborated with major super market chains providing products in its own packaging or via private label packaging. For more information about the company's clientele list click here.

The company “P. Ermeidis & Son Ltd” recognizing the demands of the time, is covering both the needs of the everyday consumer and the professionals by offering excellent quality products.

Εργοστάσιο: Καφές Ερμείδης Εργοστάσιο: Καφές Ερμείδης Εργοστάσιο: Καφές Ερμείδης